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The Wellness Center Reiki Room

A soft place to land…
Offering Reiki, Earth Spa Treatments, Herbalism, Yoga classes, Birth Doula Services, Retreats, and Wellness Workshops

Rebecca Rose Tousignant offers specially designed, one on one treatments blending the ancient practice of Reiki with the healing powers of earth. Integrating energy work, breath work, herbal support,  sound healing, and individualized care, these treatments offer an exquisite blend of deep nurturing and gentle grounding.
Rebecca Rose also offers group yoga classes, personalized one on one yoga instruction, 1:1 or small group retreats, dance classes, wellness workshops, and full spectrum Birth Doula Services.

The Wellness Sanctuary is nestled in the heart of downtown in Blue Hill, Maine in our newly forming wellness studio, Water Street Wellness.

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Thank you so much for looking into my offerings here at The Wellness Sanctuary. It is with an eager and open heart that I look forward to meeting and working with you!

These offerings are a culmination of a life long of studying, immersing myself in, and prioritizing wellness in all forms. It is my intention to create a gentle, nurturing, grounding healing sanctuary that is accessible to all.

I am a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Certified Kundalini Children's Yoga Instructor, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Herbalist and Certified Birth Doula. I’ve been a momma of 3 for 15 years and continue to devote my love and energy to these beautiful beings who teach me every single day!!!

I’ve worked with prenatal groups, moms and babies, children, teens, and adults in offering yoga classes and workshops in wellness.

My one on one practice at The Wellness Sanctuary is my newest addition to my offerings. This is custom tailored one on one energy treatment that blends Reiki, breath-work, meditation, earth element healing, herbal support, sound healing, and a deeply nurturing presence.

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A full sensory soothing respite. Come prepared to be fully nourished and pampered for a full 2.5 hours. This is a mini retreat that is designed to allow full deep nourishment on all levels.
Welcome to the Wellness Sanctuary. Allow me to greet you with a gentle arriving ritual to wash away whatever has come before this moment. 
Then, we will have a few moments of heart connection and sharing, setting intentions for the session.
Next, I will pour a lovely warm foot soak for you with herbs, salts, and oils to drop deep into a relaxation state.While you are soaking your feet, I will guide you through a meditation and herbal tea ritual.
We will then transition to the table where you’ll be treated to a hands on healing energy work session. This is a unique blend of Reiki, sound healing, and handcrafted herbal infused oils and flower waters. 
These sessions are unique and custom tailored to you. It is a balm for the soul, a deep healing respite, and an opportunity to reset the nervous system and heart space.
Sliding scale $150-$200



This is a 1 hour table session integrating the energy work of reiki with sound healing and herbal infused oils and flower waters. We’ll meet for a half hour prior to connect around specific intentions for the session.
Sliding scale $90-$110



These yoga classes are a respite for body, mind, and spirit. Integrating gentle Hatha yoga, deep pranayama breathwork, self care reiki techniques, and clear intentional practice, this class soothes the nervous system and honors deep heart space healing.

Weekly Classes...

Wednesday mornings 9-10:30 am

Thursday evenings 5:30-7 pm

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Are you seeking extra support through your pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum time?Rebecca Rose offers one on one specialized doula care that integrates full present connection, birth plan visualizations, yoga and breathwork, 24 hour on call support in your due time, continuous by your side support through labor and birth, and postpartum support to follow.This care is custom tailored specifically to your needs. Rebecca has experience in both home birth and hospital settings, and believes wholeheartedly in supporting the whole family through this incredibly transformative time.

Packages range in pricing. Please reach out for more specifics.



Rebecca Rose is happy to offer one on one custom tailored private sessions to fit your individual needs. Please reach out if approaching yoga on a consistent private basis calls to you!

Group Therapy


Rebecca Rose joyously invites you to a custom tailored individual 1:1 or small group experience at The Wellness Sanctuary. This could include yoga, herbal tea, guided meditation, individual reiki, sacred circle sharing, dance, and/or heart based rituals.  Together you will discuss the needs or visions and Rebecca will help design  a beautiful, nourishing, memorable experience for you or your small group. This could be a wonderful gift, blessingway, date for partners or friends, or a unique way to celebrate and mark a special threshold.Includes but not limited to…
First moon ceremonies, Ladies/Men/Anyone spa nights, Coming of age rituals, Birthday  parties, Pregnancy blessingways, Marriage blessingways, New momma rituals, Parent/child special experience together, Transition rituals, Grief holding, Menopause celebrations, or just a simple retreat day!
Pricing varies, please contact Rebecca Rose to discuss your visions!

Group Dance


Come move, shake, sweat, release, and explore in this fun, energizing dance practice!  This a space for women, any size, age or ability to come explore movement in an open and non judgmental environment. Rebecca Rose will prepare a playlist that starts slowly, gently rises in rhythm, peaks, and then slowly declines. She will offer very light occasional prompts or inspiration, and anything goes. This is an opportunity to really explore the way your body moves, and delve into the inner layers of self that dance allows access to. Dancing on a regular basis raises endorphins, elevates mood, is phenomenal exercise, and just so much fun when done together in a clean clear open way! Come try!💗

Thursdays, 9-10:15 am

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Joanne Steenberg, The Love Card

I recently received a Rosa Rugosa Reiki treatment session, which consisted of a rose petal foot bath, rose petal tea, guided meditation, and reiki treatment that was absolutely phenomenal!!! I could feel the love and healing power in so many ways. This was truly a transformational experience.  I released a lot. I was in a bubble of bliss after getting off of Rebecca’s table.  After wearing a knee brace for 11 weeks, only 24 hours after her treatment I was able to walk a bit without the brace!!!I highly recommend The Wellness Sanctuary. So much love and healing there. You will feel it as soon as you walk through the door. I’m booking another session soon!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or curiosities on The Wellness Sanctuary offerings, and/or to schedule a session or reserve your spot in a class or workshop!I am so grateful for your interest and look forward to connecting with you!!!

49 Main Street, Unit 6 Blue Hill, ME 04614 
Corner of Main and Water Street, Second Floor

(207) 991-1255

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Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am – 6:00pm

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